Balu is a multidisciplinary Basque artist based in the city of Barcelona for more than a decade. The artist creates works thanks to decontextualization, transmutation and transfiguration, theoretical concepts inherited from avant-gardes such as Ready-Made on which his work revolves in recent times.

In these works, the artist appropriates the public space and the elements that make it up, such as the posters that we can find in the city’s canopies, street furniture, rubble, etc., taking them out of the context for which they were created, taking them to another framework and assigning them a meaning alien to their origin and status of testimony to the primordial artistic action, the one developed in the city. In this way, the artist changes the meaning of the materials and techniques, endowing them with a value and a language other than the one that is his own and original in his context.

The inheritance of great figures in history such as Duchamp or Rauschenberg, performance and intervention in public spaces and materials, the use of iconic images and Street Art techniques such as Stencil or Collage go hand in hand in the works he does the artist, where the senses experience an aesthetic and informal disorder, raising the materials that make up the work to a higher level, as well as the work itself and the interaction with the viewer/citizen.